Roisin Lafferty
Roisin Lafferty

The Stables

Roisin Lafferty


In Ireland's coastal landscape, a contemporary new build house integrates modernity with natural surroundings, departing from traditional styles.

Balancing forward-thinking interior design with architectural vision, informed by the rugged contextual landscape was the key design focus. Creating a cohesive, minimalist yet liveable, inviting, warm environment for family living, in nature, was key.

Seamless integration of interior and architectural elements formed the framework of the overlaid interior design. The design stems in nature, with timber and concrete forming the base layers, on which everything grows from. The concrete ring beam unified spaces visually, while timber and natural stone added warmth and tranquillity, enhancing the minimalist aesthetic.

Year – 2023
Square Metres – 350

Interior Architecture – RÓISÍN LAFFERTY
Architecture - Ailtireacht
Interior Design - RÓISÍN LAFFERTY
Photography – Barbara Corsico