Roisin Lafferty
Roisin Lafferty

Our Story

Founded in 2010, the Dublin-based design house, Róisín Lafferty (formerly Kingston Lafferty Design, KLD) is best known for their captivating environments and uncompromising, deliberate detail focus in their interior architecture.

Projects range from high end residential, to hotels, one of a kind work environments, beauty experiences, members clubs, installations and restaurants, spanning international locations including Nashville, Miami, New York, Dublin and wider Ireland, Portugal, Saudi Arabia and France.

Founder and Creative Director, Róisín Lafferty has developed an intuitive design language and essence that truly captivates, encapsulating those who get to experience her spaces and environments.

Roisin Lafferty makes the unimaginable intimately real. A monolith of marble floats, spiraling upwards through air. A portal materialises in space, a passageway to a new world.

With Roisin at the helm, we craft daring, romantic, mind-bending spaces worth investing in. Like a couture gown expertly draped and sewn, a moment in time.

The team culminates from all over the globe. Including multiple architects, construction knowledge and detailing is keen, enabling the designers to be uninhibited in their creativity. Each team member brings something unique ensuring that every project is truly one of a kind. Our clients are individuals, so the design of their precious spaces should be individual.